Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible that we have so many technological advances and scientific knowledge as never before, yet countless people are so unhappy with and/or unhealthy in their lives?

My workshops are about finding answers to how we can find happiness, health, success and fulfilment in this modern, challenging and hectic world.

All workshops include a lot of practical content, because only those who put things into practice can learn new things and thus achieve lasting changes in their lives.



As I am following a systemic approach, I cover both private and professional topics in my workshops, among which are:

  • Self-love and self-confidence as the key to professional and private success.
  • Dating and relationships: What do I really want, and what do I need to do to get it?
  • Fears, stress and doubts: How do I face and resolve them?
  • Mental strength, resilience and burnout prevention
  • Constructive communication: an essential prerequisite for successful teams and partnerships
  • Biological mindfulness: how does our body work and what does this mean for our lives? (The science of sleep, diet & our neurosystem)
  • Beliefs: What story am I telling about myself, and is it even true?
  • Habits & routines: What can I do every day to achieve long-term success?
  • Job VS purpose: Vegetate in “some  job” or thrive in your purpose?
  • Finances: How much am I worth to myself? The money mindset as a door opener to financial freedom.
  • My inner world: The inner team and the inner child


The methods I teach and my training design are scientifically tested, entertaining and inspiring, easy to implement and offer you as a participant valuable resources to sustainably improve your quality of life.

I offer workshops ranging from 2 hours to one day to several days – the concept is developed after discussing the needs and goals of the participants in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for you and all participants.

Let me know right here what you need me for and I’ll get back to you.

Before I forget: There will be free workshops every now and then, so keep your eyes and ears open for them by following me on social media! 🙂


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