I founded BECOMING MORE to help people become the best version of themselves with everything I’ve learned over the last few years.

Because I firmly believe that by working on ourselves we can get so much more out of life than most of us might think….

Each of the letters of BECOMING MORE stands for a topic close to my heart, so have a look at what’s behind them!



Before BECOMING MORE, I worked in biochemical research. Then as now I love science, especially biochemistry, evolutionary biology and neuroscience hide incredibly valuable knowledge that can help people to have a better quality of life.

Unfortunately, scientific publications are often difficult to access or understand – I want to change that by making it more accessible and understandable to the world.

Also hidden in the B is the word “beatbox”.  I love being able to entertain people with this form of music, and at the same time it reflects my own journey of learning to let go of fears and doubts in order to be able to perform freely and as myself on stage in front of thousands of people.


What is infinitely important to me is to strengthen you in the long term and sustainably with knowledge and tools so that you can blossom in your own power.

I absolutely don’t believe in clients going to their coaches, consultants etc. for years without achieving any significant change in their own capability to act – if that happens, then I as a coach haven’t done my job properly!

My working method and philosophy is therefore to give you what you need to be able to go through life independent, free and #empowered and to shape it according to your ideas!


The knowledge that I now share as a coach saved me a few years ago and allowed me to overcome my most serious life crisis.

I gradually gained so much more quality of life –  which I would never have believed to be possible a few years ago.

I now follow an evidence-based, integrative approach that combines the best of the worlds of neuroscience, the different schools of psychotherapy and coaching to help my clients achieve long-term quality of life improvements in the shortest possible time.  Because why should you struggle for many years just to learn what I have already learned?


Behind ownership stands my conviction that every human being can only change something if we take complete responsibility for our current life’s situation.

This also includes the liberative feeling that letting go of the past, forgiveness and reconciliation with it brings, and finally unconditional and essential honesty with ourselves in the here and now.

No more blaming. Take ownership of your life NOW!

Only when we are honest with ourselves and then take responsibility to change the things that no longer serve us well, can we set the course for a future of our choosing.


“Mission impossible? Why not try “Mission: I’M POSSIBLE!” instead!

The way you treat yourself, the story you tell yourself and others about yourself and the image you have of your future self massively determine the quality of your life.

Or who do you think has more success in life: The person with self-doubt and self-loathing? Or the person who loves themself, is self-confident and believes in themself?


“Create a life where you can give a proud and loving smile to the person in the mirror..”

– Manuel David


This is where my personal and professional convictions come together. I firmly believe that every human being carries his or her very own gifts for the world.

Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, even if many of the fake gurus in the coaching world like to claim that… 😀

Your individuality is like a treasure chest. It is full of resources, talents and potentials. But often this treasure chest lies deep down at the bottom of the sea and people don’t know what unimagined riches are waiting deep inside them to be discovered. Therefore, part of my mission is to help you find your treasure and bring it to the surface!


The word neo originally comes from ancient Greek and stands for “new”, “fresh”, “young” as well as “unusual” and “revolutionary”.

Well, what can I say, I’m a bit of a rebel and I really enjoy giving metaphorical loving ass-kickings when they make you grow as a person.

Neo describes my way of bringing a breath of fresh air into the sometimes stuck and uptight world of personal development.

“Just like the hero Neo, let’s break out of the matrix in our heads. Because you are destined for MORE.”

– Manuel David 


We are biologically hardwired by the neurotransmitter dopamine in our nervous system to always want more.

Our modern world can create toxic conditions here, and the antidote to the seemingly never-ending need for wanting more and more is gratitude.

Through regular gratitude practice, we can create a balance between the hunger for more and experience blissful content in the here and now, and thus live in harmony with our inherited biological system in today’s challenging world.



Closely linked to gratitude is mindfulness.

My core idea of mindfulness is that we regularly listen to ourselves and ask ourselves:

What are the things and conditions in my life that are good for me, and which are bad for me?

Do the living conditions in which I find myself fit the requirements of human biology?

Does my environment make me grow and prosper or not?

 “Find out what works and then do more of it.”

– Steve de Shazer



Everything ends. This applies to pain and supposedly insurmountable hurdles, but also to happiness, youth and joy.

It is so important that we realise that we are only on this planet for such a short time.

Would we continue living as we are now if we knew we only had a year to live?

The omega stands for the end. What has to happen between now and then for your life to have been a fulfilled life in the end? Once you know that, start in the here and now with the alpha. What do you have to do today to take the first step in this direction?



What would your life be without relationships with other people? Besides romantic relationships, this also includes relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and – of course – your relationship with yourself!

In each of these relationships there is so much knowledge, so much potential for growth!

However, BECOMING MORE is not just about scratching the surface, because the knowledge I impart to you about dating, relationships and human communication goes into the depths where the real treasures lie that allow us to create and keep equally deep connections with other people and ourselves.


The following points are behind Emotional Freedom:

You have control over your thoughts and feelings.

Every feeling is ultimately nothing more than a biochemical reaction in your nervous system. Therefore, each of your feelings has a right to exist and a function. There are therefore no “bad feelings”, that is only a definition of people.

Emotional freedom means that you are allowed to live in harmony with all your emotions. That you don’t try to push away the emotions you are afraid of, but that you learn to face them in such a way that you become emotionally free through the experience and grow as a person.

Now you know a little bit about what BECOMING MORE is all about!

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me or check out my social media portals!

Thank you for being here with me and I am looking forward to all that you will bring into the world in your full power!

Your Manuel